About Me





I've had a camera in my hand for a bit now. It has allowed me to meet great people. The relationships you develop are priceless. New ideas always pop into my head when I'm photographing. After photographing a few weddings I've quickly come to realize that I have a passion for them. I've met other photographers that dislike it but there's so many things to capture in that one day.. ITS PRETTY AWESOME!! The thing I love the most about photographing them aside from meeting great people, is that its always changing. It's all these genre's squeezed into one! 

I also free-lence for the SACurrent, A local news paper who concentrates on the cities "happenings".

Aside from photography. I really enjoy music. Indie rock is my thing. I was in a band before the photography life happened. 

Thanks for taking the time to visit my site. I hope you to hear from you soon!